Polis Dub Istanbul

A video on the 2004 demonstrations against George Bush’s visit to Istanbul and Turkey’s involvement in the Iraq War. As is often the case in Turkey, there were harsh retaliations. An insider’s perspective.

Filming and editing: Rémi Stoquart (2004)

Background music: Only Jah – The Rootsman – Compilation Serious Drop Out


Moi pas content

A montage of footage from around the world that deals with the madness of war and those who instigate it. The urge to voice my indignation came upon me when the second Iraq war broke out, and the world was being assailed by images of war and violence. An illustration of how the media manipulate us.
Filming and editing: Rémi Stoquart (2003)
Background music: Miss You – The Rolling Stones


A night in Tana

Kicking off the evening with crackling brochettes and ending at dawn with strong black coffee, viewers get to witness the daily joys and struggles of people working night shifts in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Get ready to hop into some rusty vintage cars for a journey through the city’s dirty streets and chic avenues.

Documentary (FR/52min) –17 min extract


Face the slums

Web documentary (fr/eng) – Trailer
An inside perspective on slums in six different countries. An overview of the issues slums are dealing with, following a UN-Habitat project financed by the European Union