Couleur, d’Andrée Chédid

A performance by the Bismut theatre company at the “Voix Vives” festival in Sète, France, on July 27th 2011. The play was written by Andrée Chedid as a tribute to Michel Bismut. R.I.P. my beloved friend.

Production, footage, editing: Rémi Stoquart


EPK ” Fuck the DJ “

Music video for the remix of Dandy James B by BangGoes, a talented minimal techno producer from Zurich. The original track is from Smadj’s latest album, Fuck the DJ, on which the talented oud player celebrates dancing, electronic music and the joys of partying.


A night in Istanbul

A city either adored or demonised by the Western media, Istanbul is truly fascinating. But from an outsider’s perspective, its trendy or reactionary extremes are often all we see. This documentary seeks to expose another side of the city by following night shift workers, who will give us some insight into their complex society.
Documentary – Trailer